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About Us

DLS Technology Corporation (DLS) is an IT system integration service organization based in Ottawa, Canada. DLS focuses on end-to-end secure virtualization integration from design and deployment through support of end-to-end secure cloud computing, mobility, Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), and business continuity solutions.



As technology continues to grow and evolve, organizations re-evaluate their IT and business strategies, seeking lower cost, increased capacity, and agility. DLS takes organizations through a guided, step-by-step process to ensure business needs are fulfilled, adding client specific tailoring to ensure the needs of each client are fully met.


Managed Services

Need to outsource? DLS can cost-effectively architect your transition to next generation solution models, while delivering the efficiencies which make managed services attractive.

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Architecture Services

DLS can transform business needs into an architectural roadmap.

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Professional Consulting

Don’t know where to start? Need a roadmap for your ideal technology solution?

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Infrastructure Services

DLS provides a variety of infrastructure solutions and services to support business requirements, strengthen organizational processes, and enhance user experience.

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DLS has solved the problem of how to ensure remote users can be fully trusted. The answer is vKey, a software solution that instantly turns any computer or PC tablet into a trusted corporate computer capable of fully secure corporate network access.

The Simple, Secure, Smart Solution

  • Zero-footprint environment
  • Compatible with Mac's and any computer or tablet capable of running Windows
  • Lowers organization's total cost of ownership


  • Integrated with Citrix, VMWare, and Microsoft
  • No local installation of software
  • Nothing is added or changed on any computer

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As the workforce becomes more mobile, secure remote access becomes a necessity. As an IT department, how can I deliver secure IM/IT services to my employees from portable devices while they are away from their offices or on travel?


Employees, contractors, partners, and clients need to access corporate data and applications on their personal computers. How can I give them access to a selected number of applications and not compromise the security and integrity of the network?

Business Continuity

How can I maintain normal business operations in case of a natural or deliberate disaster happens?

Cloud Computing

How can I incorporate cloud strategies into my organization while maintaining network security, scalability, efficiency and flexibility?


DLS Technology is collaborating with a number of internationally recognized organizations to support its customers with the most current technology. These major partnerships and alliances are listed below, please click the link to access the company directly.

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